1. In addition to baseball practice, Yankees management requires players to learn how to ____________ during spring training.
a) deal with the media
b) deal with unruly fans
c) deal with their newly acquired wealth
d) deal with adoring fans

2. The Yankees have the largest number of regular reporters covering their games:
a) 2
b) 25
c) 12
d) 100

3. The Israeli military this week set up an anti rocket system near Beersheba as a way to prevent:
a) friendly fire from killing their troops
b) rockets launched into Israel by Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip from injuring/killing Israeli civilians
c) suicide bombers from entering Israel over the border at the Gaza Strip
d) rockets launched into the Gaza Strip by Israeli militants in Israel from injuring/killing Palestinian civilians

4. Israel’s ______________ defense system is designed to shoot missiles at rockets to take them down before they reach their target.
a) Star Wars
b) Iron Dome
c) Terrorist Repellent
d) Iron Horse

5. All but which one has caused companies to raise prices on grocery items over the last few months:
a) an increase in the price of raw materials
b) the recession
c) an increase in gas prices
d) greedy CEO’s who want to earn more profit for themselves

6. How have companies passed on price increases to consumers?
a) they charge more per pound to confuse customers
b) they have made their packages “jumbo” size but then increased the price per ounce
c) they have reduced the package size and/or amount in package
d) they have decreased the supply

7. The two ruling political parties in the Palestinian Authority, __________________________, have often been in violent conflict in a struggle for power
a) Abbas and Fatah
b) Hamas and Hezbollah
c) Fatah and Hamas
d) al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and Fatah

8. The two Palestinian political parties met because they want to establish a Palestinian state. Average Palestinians want the two to reconcile. The outcome of the meeting was:
a) an agreement for the two parties to share power
b) an agreement to hold elections and allow the winning party to rule over the Gaza Strip and the West Bank
c) an agreement to pursue a peace treaty with Israel
d) inconclusive; no type of agreement was reached

9. What was the main industry of Kesennuma, Japan before the earthquake/tsunami?
a) computer technology
b) automobile
c) fishing
d) mining

10. _____________ was the main cause of the widespread destruction in Kesennuma
a) a volcanic eruption
b) a drought
c) the earthquake
d) the tsunami

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