1.  Russia has upgraded a surveillance station it maintains in _____________ that has been able to monitor air traffic in Israel as far south as Tel Aviv.
a)  Iran
b)  Syria
c)  Israel
d)  Venezuela

2.  With the upgrades to the surveillance station Russia will:
a)  give Israel early warning of an Iranian attack
b)  warn opponents of Bashir Assad when his troops are about to attack
c)  give Iran early warning of an Israeli attack
d)  pinpoint the location of Iran’s underground nuclear facilities for the U.N.

3.  _____________________ was elected president of Russia on Sunday in an election that observers charge was riddled with fraud, intimidation and ballot-box stuffing.
a)  Dmitry Medvedev
b)  Vladimir Lenin
c)  Mikhail Gorbachev
d)  Vladimir Putin

4.  Independent election monitors said Russia’s presidential election was tainted by a uniquely Russian type of fraud called ____________________, in which busloads of voters are driven to multiple polling places in caravans to vote multiple times.
a)  “carousel voting”
b)  “stuff the ballot box”
c)  “vote for my guy or else”
d)  “vote by van”

5.  President Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Monday to discuss:
a)  the establishment of a Palestinian state
b)  peace in the Middle East
c)  Israel’s concern over Iran’s nuclear program
d)  a trading partnership with Israel

6.  Speaking to reporters with Netanyahu after their meeting, Obama said “the U.S. will always have Israel’s back.” During a press conference the next day when asked by a reporter to explain this statement, the President said:
a)  “I meant that if Israel goes to war with Iran, we will give them military support”
b)  “it was not a military doctrine that we were laying out for any particular military action. It was a restatement of our consistent position that the security of Israel is something I deeply care about”
c)  “preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons is my top priority”
d)  “I was only kidding”

7.  It was announced this week that President Obama has moved the G8 summit taking place this May from Chicago to:
a)  Camp David
b)  Hawaii
c)  Indonesia
d)  the White House

8.  G8 stands for the “Group of Eight” countries. It consists of the U.S., Russia, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. The G8’s focus is:
a)  ruling the world
b)  oppressing the poor
c)  military intervention around the world
d)  economic policies

9.  March 11 marks the one-year anniversary of Japan’s
a)  earthquake
b)  tsunami
c)  nuclear meltdown
d)  all of the above

10.  Finding her son after fearing he could be dead, Yuko Sugimoto changed her priorities.  She said she realized that time ______________ is what is most important.
a)  for herself
b)  at her job
c)  with her family
d)  playing videogames

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