1. North Dakota Republican Governor Doug Burgum has signed legislation this week that will allow most adults to carry a hidden firearm without a permit, making North Dakota __________ to pass a “constitutional carry” law.
a) the only state
b) one of about a dozen states
c) the 50th state
d) the first state

2. Which one of the following is NOT true about the bill signed into law by North Dakota’s governor this week?
a) it applies to residents 18 and older only
b) it allows residents to forgo background checks and classes that are now required to carry a handgun
c) it imposes the strictest gun control measures in the country
d) it requires someone carrying a concealed weapon to have a valid ID and notify law enforcement of the weapon during instances such as a traffic stop

3. Saying the time was not right to outlaw nuclear arms, __________ – and almost 40 other countries – did not join talks on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons that started at the United Nations this week.
a) the United States, Britain and Iran
b) the United States, Britain and India
c) the United States, Iran and France
d) the United States, Britain and France

4. Explaining the U.S.’s decision to not participate, the US Ambassador to the UN said, “We have to be realistic. Is there anyone who thinks that North Korea would ban nuclear weapons? In this day and time we can’t honestly that say we can protect our people by allowing the bad actors to have them and those of us that are good, trying to keep peace and safety, not to have them. The US Ambassador to the UN is:
a) John Bolton
b) Rex Tillerson
c) Nikki Haley
d) John Kerry

5. Keeping a campaign promise to support the coal industry, President Trump this week signed an executive order to undo Obama-era climate change regulations from the headquarters of the:
a) EPA
b) DHS
d) FDA

6. In addition to directing the agency to undo President Obama’s “Clean Power Plan,” President Trump’s order makes the following changes to U.S. energy policy:
a) reverses a ban on coal leasing on federal lands
b) undoes rules to curb methane emissions from oil and gas production
c) reduces the weight of climate change and carbon emissions in policy and infrastructure permitting decisions
d) all of the above

7. Two pro-life activists were indicted this week on 15 felony counts by the state of California. The pair had filmed Planned Parenthood and employees of other abortion groups discussing doing something illegal by offering to __________ in a series of undercover videos.
a) transport underage girls across state lines
b) look the other way when pregnant teens admitted their boyfriends were “at least 35 years old”
c) sell organs from aborted babies
d) none of the above

8. The pro-life activists were each charged with 14 counts of recording a conversation without the permission of all participants and one count of “criminal conspiracy to invade privacy.” California’s Democratic Attorney General explained his reason for charging the pair with 15 felony counts in a statement, “The right to privacy is a cornerstone of California’s Constitution, and a right that is foundational in a free democratic society. We will not tolerate the criminal recording of __________.”
a) confidential conversations
b) illegal activities
c) Democrats conspiring to commit crimes
d) crimes being discussed by abortion providers

9. U.S. Federal agents in San Diego arrested __________ this week as he attempted to cross the border from Mexico.
a) the President of Mexico
b) a Mexican state attorney general
c) drug cartel head El Chapo
d) El Chapo’s son

10. The Mexican national was indicted on charges of conspiracy to smuggle, manufacture and distribute __________ in the U.S. The indictment accuses him of conspiring to manufacture and distribute the items and import them into the U.S. from 2013 until February of this year.
a) fake rolex watches
b) untaxed cigarettes
c) heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine
d) fake Nike sneakers

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