1. The governor of _______________ signed a bill into law this week that will allow the state’s school districts to arm teachers and other personnel with guns because rural districts do not have the money to hire full-time law enforcement officers.
a) North Dakota
b) South Dakota
c) North Carolina
d) South Carolina

2. The school gun law includes two amendments that: (choose 2)
a) requires a school district to decide in a public meeting whether to arm teachers
b) allows school districts to apply for federal funding to pay for full-time policeman to patrol their schools
c) allows residents to push a school board’s decision to a public vote
d) requires all teachers to take firearms training

3. The owners of K’nex toys began moving production back to Pennsylvania from China in 2008 when the bad economy caused a sharp drop in demand. The owners wanted to: __________________________________.
a) increase their profits
b) make production more complicated
c) avoid laying off employees
d) hire more union employees

4. A benefit to K’nex in bringing production back to the U.S. was that the company gained greater control over the product. This includes: (choose 2)
a) the opportunity to use less expensive parts so they can double their profits
b) purchasing their own trucks to create their own delivery company
c) greater control over quality and materials, to better ensure the safety of their toys
d) gives the company the ability to react faster to the frequent shifts in toy demand and deliver hot-selling items to stores faster

5. In February the Obama administration released close to 2,000 illegal immigrants who had been arrested and were awaiting deportation, although an administration official said they would only release a few hundred. On March 1, the AP reported the larger number released, and also noted that DHS planned to release 3,000 more illegal immigrants during March but intense criticism after it was made public led to a temporary shutdown of the plan. DHS said the reason they released detained illegals was:
a) it was a way to stimulate the economy
b) it was a cost-savings measure required by the budget sequesters
c) to throw attention off the Benghazi scandal
d) because they didn’t believe anyone should be arrested just for being in the country illegally

6. Members of Congress have asked Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano to provide answers to all but which one of the following?
a) How many illegal immigrants were reviewed but denied release?
b) Why they were being held in the first place?
c) How many of the illegal immigrants did not want to be released?
d) Who exactly has been released?
e) What other budget cuts did the agency make before deciding to releases detained illegal immigrants?

7. The Iditarod is a 1,000-mile sled-dog race run every year in Alaska. This year’s Iditarod winner Mitch Seavey broke the record for being the oldest person to ever have won the race at the age of:
a) 53
b) 25
c) 83
d) 110

8. The son of this year’s Iditarod winner won last year’s competition. In that race, he broke the record for:
a) being the youngest person to win the race
b) finishing the race in the shortest amount of time
c) having competed in the race the most number of times before winning
d) beating the first woman to ever compete in the race

9. The newly elected pope of the Roman Catholic Church is Cardinal Bergoglio from:
a) Italy
b) Chili
c) Philippines
d) Argentina

10. The name Cardinal Bergoglio took as pope is Francis – after Saint Francis of Assisi, who was known for __________________________.
a) his conceit
b) a life of poverty and simplicity
c) his lavish lifestyle
d) his ostentatious manner

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