DIRECTIONS: Circle the correct bolded answer for each question. (10 points each)

1. __________________ NASA astronaut Scott Kelly returned to the U.S. last week after spending nearly a year in space, which was part of a NASA twin study involving his brother, Mark Kelly. Researchers will especially be looking at the effects of lack of sunlight / radiation on the human body, as it will be the biggest issue astronauts face when they travel to Mars.

2. __________________ Researchers have been able to partially prevent the effects of long-term space travel on bones and muscle / eyesight and hearing by implementing extensive workout routines that astronauts carry out while in space.

3. __________________ Nancy Reagan became one of the most inconsequential / influential first ladies in U.S. history during her Republican husband’s presidency from 1981 to 1989.

4. __________________ Regarding the role of the First Lady, Mrs. Reagan said at the time that she kept her husband from becoming isolated/too confident as well as looking out for his welfare.

5. __________________ Ray Tomlinson died this week at the age of 75. Mr. Tomlinson invented text messaging / email messaging in 1971. He said he was trying to figure out a way for people to send messages via computer when he created his invention.

6. __________________ Mr. Tomlinson used the # symbol / @ symbol because it wasn’t commonly used; also “it [was] the only preposition on the keyboard.”

7. __________________ Over the past 5 months, Palestinian terrorists have been attacking Israeli civilians and security forces. The Palestinian government / Israeli government says this latest string of attacks is fueled by a campaign of Palestinian incitement compounded on social media sites that glorify and encourage attacks.

8. __________________ Taylor Force, from Lubbock, Texas, was a 29-year-old MBA student at Vanderbilt University and a West Point graduate who served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Force was injured / murdered this week in a stabbing attack by a young Palestinian man.

9. __________________ Dallas Seavey won the Iditarod three of the last four years; if he wins this year it will be his third successive / intermittant title.

10. __________________ Musher Noah Pereira is the oldest / youngest musher competing in this year’s Iditarod.

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