DIRECTIONS: Decide whether the bolded section is true or false. Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement, then rewrite each false bolded statement to make it true.

1. __________________ New Jersey’s Republican Governor Phil Murphy and the Democrat-led state assembly revised legislation legalizing recreational marijuana to prohibit police from telling parents when minors are drinking or smoking marijuana and prohibits police from approaching minors suspected of drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana.

2. __________________ The PBA police association warned police officers that the last-minute measure that has been added to the law: “is an assault on our ability to do our job and to enforce the law…This language will have dangerous consequences for the public and the police.”

3. __________________ Israel’s parliament passed a law last week allowing the government to temporarily share the identities of people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus with other government authorities.

4. __________________ Israel’s law allows the government agencies access to the medical records and places of employment of those who have not been vaccinated.

5. __________________ A new Harvard CAPS-Harris poll revealed that a majority of Americans say they believe cancel culture is necessary for our democracy to flourish.

6. __________________ The director of the Harvard Poll warned “Tech companies beware that the public sees them as acting out of bias tilted towards [favoring] the Democrats.

7. __________________ Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott – both Democrats – announced this week that they will lift mask mandates and allow businesses to open at full capacity in their respective states.

8. __________________ Both governors lifting their mask mandates noted declining rates of new cases and hospitalizations, and rapid distribution of vaccines as reasons their states are able to lift the restrictions.

9. __________________ A Japanese billionaire is taking applications to choose eight volunteers to fly with him to the moon on Elon Musk’s spaceship in 2023.

10. __________________ Over 3,000 people have applied to be one of the eight travelers to the Moon on the trip called dearMoon.

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