1. U.S. officials condemned Israel’s announcement this week to build 1,600 apartments in east Jerusalem, saying that the timing of the announcement during Vice President Joe Biden’s visit
a) badly embarrassed the U.S. and complicated our efforts to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
b) angered our friends the Saudis
c) killed any hope President Obama has to achieve lasting peace in the Middle East
d) gave Palestinians the right to attack Israeli policemen

2. In addition to canceling the construction of the apartments, the Obama administration wants Israel to make a significant confidence-building gesture toward the Palestinians by declaring that talks with the Palestinians will deal with all the conflict’s big issues, including:
a) final borders
b) the status of Jerusalem
c) the fate of Palestinian refugees who lost their homes during the war around Israel’s 1948 creation
d) the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit who has been held prisoner by Hamas for almost four years

3. Hundreds of Palestinians clashed with Israeli police on Tuesday to express anger over:
a) Hamas’ new rule prohibiting men from working in women’s hair salons in Gaza
b) Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip almost five years ago
c) Israel’s renovation of the Hurva synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s walled Old City
d) Israel’s destruction of the al-Aqsa mosque

4. The Hamas leadership urged Palestinians to take part in a “day of rage” because:
a) Hamas hates Israel and vows to work toward its destruction
b) they said the renovation of the Hurva synagogue in Jerusalem was really a Jewish plot to demolish the al-Aqsa mosque
c) they wanted to attract attention worldwide and gain sympathy for their cause
d) none of the above

5. PepsiCo has just announced plans to:
a) remove all of their products from schools worldwide
b) remove all of their soda products from schools in the U.S.
c) remove all of their drinks containing sugar from schools worldwide
d) launch a scholarship program for the student who drinks the most Pepsi in the school year

6. Coca-Cola this month changed its global sales policy to say it won’t sell any of its drinks worldwide in
a) primary schools unless parents or school districts ask
b) any schools at all
c) primary schools
d) primary and secondary schools

7. A hospital in London has opened the first
a) gambling addiction rehab for adults in Britain
b) gambling addiction rehab for children in Britain
c) technology addiction rehab for young people in Britain
d) technology addiction rehab for adults

8. The rehab for young people at the hospital in Britain aims to do all but which one of the following:
a) increase participants’ off-screen social activities
b) teach participants skills to help them to switch off their technology
c) train parents to be responsible adults who monitor their kids’ time spent on computers and phones
d) improve the person’s confidence in face-to-face situations

9. The two senators working on an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants are:
a) Senator Charles Schumer, New York Democrat and Senator Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican
b) Senator Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat and Senator Scott Brown, Massachusetts Republican
c) Senator Russ Feingold, Wisconsin Democrat and Senator John McCain, Arizona Republican
d) Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican and Senator Charles Schumer, New York Democrat

10. The immigration reform bill the two senators are proposing includes all but which one?
a) provides a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants
b) creates new Social Security cards that include biometric information to prevent counterfeiting
c) offers permanent legal status to foreign students who earn a post-graduate degree from an American university
d) requires illegals to return home and follow the rules the way millions of legal immigrants have done

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