1. In a new office building opening in Sweden, employees will have the option of having a tiny RFID chip implanted in their ______________. Users be able to access doors (main entry and office doors) and photocopiers, and later to pay in the cafeteria with the chip.

a) brain
b) eye
c) hand
d) car

2. The Swedish Biohacking Group running the RFID chip program says people will chose to do it because it is convenient. Their objective is to prepare people for:
a) a cashless society
b) the end of privacy
c) the day when government and social media want to chip us
d) the day when you cannot transact business without one

3. Pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels want to take control of the Ukrainian city of Debaltseve because it is __________________ as well as a key position between the rebel-controlled cities of Donetsk and Lugansk.
a) a strategic transport hub
b) Vladimir Putin’s favorite vacation spot
c) a strategic gas line
d) a strategic farming community

4. NATO says that Russia is providing military expertise and supplies to the rebels in Ukraine. The U.S. has been giving the Ukrainian government non-lethal aid such as body armor and medical equipment and is considering giving them ________________, according to a Pentagon spokesman.
a) advice on how to establish peace with Russia
b) military equipment and weapons
c) an opportunity to speak to the UN Security Council
d) nuclear arms

5. All of the following are true of the Badr Brigade except:
a) The Badr Brigade is a Shiite Muslim militia that is fighting ISIS.
b) The Iraqi military troops in the area have been put under the command of the leader of the Badr Brigade.
c) The Badr Brigade’s guns come from the Iraqi Defense Ministry, who in turn got them from the U.S.
d) Until taking a stand against ISIS, the Badr Brigade was known as a peace-promoting group of tolerance.

6. Which country is believed to be supporting the Badr Brigade with training and weapons?
a) Jordan
b) Iran
c) Russia
d) the U.S.

7. The AverageMohamed website was created by a Somali-American convenience store manager from Minneapolis. Mr. Ahmed makes ___________ aimed at countering the messages and images terrorists use to lure young Muslims to become jihadists.
a) songs
b) plays
c) comic books
d) videos

8. Mohamed Ahmed launched the AverageMohamed website:
a) to reform ISIS terrorists
b) to prove to Westerners that all Muslims are not terrorists
c) to stop Muslim young people from becoming terrorists
d) to earn money to go back to Somalia

9. According to a recent Reuters poll, approximately 73% of Americans would like the federal government to:
a) prohibit private ownership of drones
b) give community college students “ObamaDrones”
c) regulate the use of drones
d) prohibit news organizations from using drones to gather news

10. ____________________ of respondents to the Reuters poll think parents should be able to use drones to monitor their children.
a) close to 50%
b) less than 1%
c) five percent
d) almost 100%

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