DIRECTIONS: For the true/false, write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement, then rewrite each false statement to make it true. (10 points each)

1. __________________ CSX Transportation Corp is temporarily rerouting up to five oil trains through a Virginia town to bypass the site of an explosive oil train derailment that occurred in West Virginia earlier in the week.

2. __________________ Most oil extracted in the U.S. is transported by pipeline to refineries on the coasts and along the Gulf of Mexico. Safety experts say pipelines have the best record of transporting crude without accident.

3. __________________ The 1980 Winter Olympics were held in Lake Placid, Canada.

4. __________________ The American victory over the Soviet team at the 1980 Olympics was “a miracle” because the Russian players were amateurs and were considered the underdog.

5. __________________ In negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program this week, the Obama administration has refused to consider making any compromise.

6. __________________ The Israeli government has called for the destruction of Iran on numerous occasions. It is believed that once obtained, Iran would use nuclear weapons against Israel.

7. __________________ NYC Council Member Dan Garodnick has called for a complete ban on drone use in the city until police have the ability to enforce the rules.

8. __________________ Most of the 15 states with drone laws address the issue of privacy, especially unlawful government surveillance.
(So far, 14 of the 15 states have passed laws to curb government agencies from using drones to monitor its citizens, such as in traffic or at a public rally.)

9. __________________ People across northern Arizona couldn’t use the Internet, their cellphones or landlines for several hours Wednesday after terrorists cut a fiber-optic line that brings communications to a large part of the state.

10. __________________ Before the cable was repaired, many businesses in the affected towns in Arizona were operating on a cash only basis.

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