1.  In addition to honoring all presidents, Presidents Day celebrates the birthdays of Presidents:
a)  George Washington and Thomas Jefferson
b)  Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln
c)  Abraham Lincoln and George Washington
d)  John Adams and Andrew Jackson

2.  On Washington’s birthday, the U.S. Senate honors him by reading his:
a)  Gettysburg Address
b)  Declaration of Independence
c)  Emancipation Proclamation
d)  Farewell Address

3.  The Associated Press this week reported that they had obtained leaked documents showing that the New York Police Department (NYPD) had monitored students belonging to Muslim Students’ Associations on college campuses along the East Coast by:
a)  reading websites and postings on public forums made by these students
b)  hacking into these students’ personal email and cell phone text messages looking for possible terrorist links
c)  posing as Muslim clerics from Afghanistan and Iraq and attempting to convince the students to wage jihad
d)  searching students’ Library records for those who had checked out books on how to make a bomb

4.  The NYPD monitored Muslim Students’ Associations because:
a)  they think all Muslims have ties to terrorism
b)  12 people arrested or convicted on terrorism charges in the U.S. or abroad had once been members of Muslim Students’ Associations
c)  none of their members have ever had any ties to terrorism
d)  they had credible evidence that al Qaeda operatives had infiltrated the national office of the Muslim Students’ Association

5.  On Monday, astronaut John Glenn marked the 50th anniversary of his historic accomplishment to be the first American to:
a)  orbit the Earth
b)  play golf on the moon
c)  walk on the moon
d)  go into space

6.  Regarding the Obama administration’s decision last year to retire its shuttles used to get astronauts to and from the jointly owned International Space Station, which flies about 240 miles above the planet, John Glenn said:
a)  “Space exploration is overrated.”
b)  “It’s a good way to save money so we don’t have to cut other government programs.”
c)  “For the world’s best space nation, it was very unseemly and I don’t like it.”
d)  “That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard.”

7.  Google has developed glasses, which should be sold to the public by the end of the year, that provide all but which one of the following?
a)  a low-resolution built-in camera
b)  a GPS navigation system
c)  a 3G or 4G data connection
d)  a full-body scanner

8.  The Google glasses are designed to be used like:
a)  a desktop computer
b)  a Smartphone
c)  an i-pod
d)  a rotary phone

9.  Since 2008, _______________________ has been appropriated by Congress for the federal government’s attempts to stop the destructive Asian carp from getting into the Great Lakes.
a)  $1 billion
b)  $100 million
c)  $1 million
d)  $50 million

10. The federal government is testing/developing all but which one of the following strategies to prevent the carp off from entering Lake Michigan?
a)  developing food pellets that would poison Asian carp without harming other fish
b)  hiring sharp-shooters to shoot the fish out of the water
c)  developing chemical extracts that could steer the carp to where they could be caught
d)  test the use of an acoustic underwater gun, which emits piercing blasts of pressure and sound that could scare the carp away from crucial locations

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