DIRECTIONS: For the bolded part of each statement write TRUE or FALSE next to the statement, then rewrite the bolded part of each false statement to make it true. (10 points each)

1. __________________ A commentary on Walmart was provided in place of Monday’s Daily News Article; the writer explained that evidence shows broad increases in the minimum wage destroy jobs and hurt the working-class Americans that they are supposed to help.

2. __________________ The writer of the commentary on Walmart said the company cited “financial performance” as the first factor it looked at when deciding which stores to close.

3. __________________ This week, the Syrian army advanced in a major offensive backed by Russia and Iran as Russia bombed rebel strongholds in Aleppo.

4. __________________ The population of Syria was 22.85 million in 2013. At least 250,000 people have died since the fighting began and 1 million people have left their homes to go to other areas of Syria or seek asylum outside of Syria.

5. __________________ Massachusetts election officials believe hundreds of people who thought they had registered to vote as an independent in fact registered as a member of the United Independent Party.

6. __________________ In Massachusetts, voters who register as unenrolled – commonly referred to as “independents” – can choose whether they want to vote in the Democratic or Republican primary. But those enrolled in the United Independent Party can only vote on that party’s ballot.

7. __________________ Moscow warned this week that Washington’s deployment of a U.S. missile defense system to North Korea could spark an arms race in the region.

8. __________________ U.S. and North Korean defense officials began formal talks on the deployment of a THAAD system to North Korea in response to South Korea’s recent nuclear and missile tests.

9. __________________ Presidents Day is celebrated to commemorate the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. George Washington is known as the Father of Our Country; Abraham Lincoln is known as The Great Educator.

10. __________________ In 1862 the House and Senate commemorated the 130th Anniversary of Lincoln’s birth by reading aloud his Gettysburg Address. Eventually, the reading of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address became an annual event for the Senate, a tradition that is still observed to this day.

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