1. Although both Israel and Hamas had agreed to a cease-fire, __________ rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza early this week.
a) 0
b) 15
c) 1
d) more than the Israelis were able to count

2. What does the Israeli military do before beginning an air strike on specific targets in Gaza?
a) trick Palestinian civilians into thinking the area is safe
b) airlift Palestinian civilians out of the area into the West Bank
c) offer to refrain from firing if Hamas will surrender
d) notify Palestinians by phone warning them in advance of the Israeli air strike

3. How much money is the economic-stimulus bill passed by the House last week expected to cost?
a) $819 billion
b) $819 million
c) $10 trillion
d) $8 billion

4. What words/phrases are included in the stimulus bill at least 100 times each?
a) except / provided that
b) temporary / refund
c) trust Congress / greedy corporations
d) foreclosure / taxpayers

5. How many new troops is President Obama expected to send to Afghanistan this year?
a) none
b) 200 – 300
c) 20,000 – 30,000
d) 200,000 – 300,000

6. In what areas of Afghanistan will the troops be stationed?
a) all of the major cities
b) only the capital of Kabul
c) to the mainly rural trouble spots
d) in U.S.-friendly towns where they will be out of harm’s way

7. The new leader of Guinea is:
a) a military leader who took over by staging a coup
b) a monarch who took over when his father died
c) a tribal leader who defeated several other warlords to gain power
d) a democratically elected president

8. Reacting to their new leader, the people of Guinea:
a) gave him their support
b) staged a peaceful protest to oppose his leadership
c) rioted in the streets and destroyed many homes and businesses
d) none of the above

9. The U.S. government has dropped charges for now against Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri – the man it accuses of masterminding the
a) largest bank heist in U.S. history
b) suicide bombing of the USS Cole
c) first attack on the World Trade Center
d) assassination of Pakistani presidential candidate Benazir Bhutto

10. President Obama instructed the Defense Department to request 120-day delays in the trials of terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay
a) after a week of reviewing the cases
b) based on the advice of the directors of CENTCOM, the CIA and the FBI
c) at the recommendation of his wife Michelle
d) on the day of his Inauguration

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