1.  President Obama has authorized the deployment of Patriot missiles to four countries in the Gulf: Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and ______________.
a)  Kuwait
b)  Israel
c)  Saudia Arabia
d)  Iran

2.  The purpose of placing U.S. missiles in these Persian Gulf states is to:
a)  force the Israelis and Palestinians to sign a peace treaty
b)  protect our oil interests in the Middle East
c)  deter an attack by Iran on our allies in the Gulf
d)  encourage Israel to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities

3.  Passengers who refuse to go through newly installed full-body scanners at airports in England will be:
a)  given the option of getting a pat-down from a TSA agent
b)  refused permission to fly
c)  banned from the airport for life
d)  interviewed by a TSA agent

4.  Passengers selected to submit to a full-body scan will be asked to do so based on:
a)  age
b)  race
c)  religion
d)  none of the above

5.  President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence told a Senate Committee this week that the chance of a terrorist attack on the U.S.
a)  is certain in the next three to six months
b)  will not happen on his watch
c)  is unable to be determined at this time
d)  is impossible to predict

6.  Which of the following was not described by Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair as a major threat facing the U.S.?
a)  major attacks on U.S. computer networks and infrastructure
b)  efforts by the Venezuelan government to develop closer ties with Iran, China and Russia
c)  the attempt by Muslim fundamentalists to establish Sharia law in U.S. cities
d)  China’s military buildup

7.  Prior to attacking a large Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan, the U.S. and coalition forces have taken the unusual step of:
a)  offering terrorists employment in the Afghan government if they leave the Taliban
b)  paying Taliban fighters who agree to return home a $10,000 “reward”
c)  keeping their plans a secret
d)  announcing the precise target of their offensive

8.  One of Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s top priorities in Afghanistan is to:
a)  destroy the Taliban at any cost
b)  limit civilian casualties
c)  keep U.S. soldiers out of harm’s way
d)  earn the rank of 5 star general

9.  In New Orleans, all but which will be closed/cancelled due to the Superbowl?
a)  some schools
b)  several court trials
c)  hospital emergency rooms
d)  Sunday evening Mass

10. The New Orleans Saints have played in the Superbowl _______ times before 2010.
a)  zero
b)  one
c)  two
d)  five


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