1. ___________ Chinese are traveling home by train for Chinese New Year, which began this week.
a) 2 million
b) 23 million
c) 230 million
d) 1.3 billion

2. Many Chinese have had trouble purchasing train tickets to return to their villages for Chinese New Year because:
a) they don’t have enough money to purchase tickets
b) the number of people traveling has increased so greatly that there aren’t enough trains/seats for all who want to travel
c) they are not members of the ruling Communist party
d) they all want to travel on the same day

3. A class action lawsuit brought against Taco Bell accuses the fast-food chain of:
a) not serving authentic Mexican food
b) falsely advertised its products as “beef”
c) discriminating against its female employees
d) stereotyping Chihuahuas

4. Taco Bell responded by:
a) ignoring the accusation, saying they know their customers love Taco Bell
b) admitting they are guilty of false advertising
c) counter-suing for slander
d) placing full-page ads in several major newspapers to set the record straight

5. Anti-government protests in Egypt this week were inspired by protests in ____________ that resulted in the ouster of that country’s president.
a) Tunisia
b) Tasmania
c) Yemen
d) Jordan

6. Anti-government protesters in Egypt are demanding that:
a) President Hosni Mubarak leave office immediately
b) the Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood take control of the government
c) President Mubarak’s son Gamal replace his father as president
d) Egyptian actor Omar Sharif, star of Doctor Zhivago, replace Mubarak as president

7. U.S. soldiers have started using ____________ to share intelligence, translate languages and spot enemies using facial recognition.
a) Native American code talkers
b) palm pilots OR PDAs
c) local messengers
d) smart phones

8. The U.S. Army is also developing and/or purchasing ______________ to be used with the latest technology
a) apps
b) video games
c) blogs
d) floppy disks

9. The New York City Council this week voted to ban smoking in:
a) bars and restaurants
b) private residences
c) public parks, beaches and public squares
d) hotel rooms and college dorm rooms

10. The latest smoking ban in New York City follows laws on all but:
a) banning the use of transfats in restaurants
b) a requirement that chain restaurants post calorie amounts for all food items on their menus
c) the amount of salt permitted in restaurant meals and in processed food
d) none of the above

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