DIRECTIONS: For the bolded part of each statement, circle the correct answer.

1. When the Gettysburg National Cemetery was dedicated in 1863, the principal speaker was the renowned orator, Edward Everett. As was common for the day, his detailed speech lasted for over two hours. President Lincoln also had been invited to present “a few appropriate remarks” only as an afterthought. His remarks – the Gettysburg Address – lasted 2 hours and 2 minutes / 2 minutes.

2. Abraham Lincoln began his Gettysburg Address / Emancipation Proclamation with: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

3. Last week, Lithuania celebrated 100 years of independence regained after World War I.  Iran / Russia controlled Lithuania from 1795 to 1918 and then again after WWI from 1944 to 1990.

4. The British / Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania gained their independence from the former U.S.S.R. in 1991.

5. Two New Mexico lawmakers proposed a bill recently that would make it mandatory / voluntary for public high school juniors to apply to at least one two- or four-year college or prove they have committed to military service, a vocational program, or work upon graduation in an apprenticeship or internship. Parents and school guidance counselors would have to approve of the students’ plans. The bill aims at reversing declines in college enrollment across the state.

6. If it becomes law, New Mexico would be the first / last state in the nation to have such a requirement.

7. Christian evangelist Billy Graham died this week at the age of 99 / 59. Over his lifetime, Graham reached more than 214 million people in 195 cities around the world.

8. The core message of Christianity that Billy Graham never shared / always shared with people is that Christ died for your sins.

9. President Trump held a listening meeting this week for the survivors and victims’ families of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. During the meeting, attendees / Trump shared stories and offered solutions for gun violence in schools.

10. At the meeting, Attorney General Jeff Sessions / President Trump said, ”We’re going to be very strong on background checks.” He promised the group that he would take action. He said, “It’s not going to be talk like it has been in the past. It’s been going on too long. Too many instances, and we’re going to get it done.”

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