1. At the age of 15 George Washington copied the “110 Rules of _________________” and appeared to follow them throughout his life
a) economics
b) farming
c) civility
d) grammar

2. Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, is also known as
a) Old Hickory
b) the Great Debater
c) the Great Emancipator
d) Stilts

3. It was reported this week that U.S. intelligence sources said that Israel has started a covert war with _______________
a) the Palestinians
b) Iraq
c) Lebanon
d) Iran

4. Israel’s aim for its covert war is to ________________________, without the gamble of a direct confrontation that could lead to a wider war.
a) slow down or interrupt the country’s nuclear program
b) end the country’s anti-semetic rhetoric
c) monitor the country’s drug smuggling tunnels
d) prevent that country from moving weapons into the Gaza Strip

5. ________________ new president, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, said this week that it will take about a year to reconcile political factions and restore stability to the war-torn country.
a) Zimbabwe’s
b) Somalia’s
c) Sudan’s
d) Afghanistan’s

6. President Ahmed also said he would _________________ militant group Al Shabab (labeled a terrorist organization by the U.S. last year)
a) give exit visas to
b) forget the past and work with
c) wipe out
d) give government jobs to the families of

7. A boy treated in Russia with ___________ stem cells for a rare genetic disease has developed benign tumors, raising questions about the therapy’s safety.
a) fetal
b) adult
c) bone marrow
d) skin

8. As well as the possibility that these stem cells may turn cancerous, some researchers fear that it is possible that this type of stem cell therapy could _____________________ people who receive cell transplants.
a) bankrupt
b) give too much hope to
c) unwittingly pass viruses and other disease causing agents to
d) cause a disregard for human life in

9. The New York Post has been accused of ____________________ for publishing a cartoon that portrays the crazed chimp shot by police with the caption “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”
a) bad taste
b) racism
c) favoritism
d) partianship

10. The Post’s editor defended the cartoon, saying it was a parody about the crazed chimp and
a) Barack Obama being the first black president
b) Washington’s efforts to revive the economy
c) President Obama’s attempt to socialize medicine
d) none of the above

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