News quiz for week ending 2/18/11

Friday's News Quiz   —   Posted on February 18, 2011


1. Which one of the following is not an idea of multiculturalism but rather of assimilation?
a) no culture is superior to any other
b) a society with a lot of immigrants is enriched by celebrating the separate contributions of its component cultures
c) immigrants must learn English because it provides the basis for American cultural unity
d) the different groups within a country should be kept separate so as to preserve their culture

2. Which one of the world leaders below has not announced that the practice of multiculturalism has failed?
a) Angela Merkel of Germany
b) Nicolas Sarkozy of France
c) Barack Obama of the U.S.A.
d) David Cameron of Great Britain

3. Iranian security forces attempted to prevent protesters from gathering on Monday by doing all but which one of the following:
a) cutting phone lines
b) placing opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mahdi Karroubi under house arrest
c) by blockading the home of an opposition leader in an attempt to stop him from attending the planned rally
d) making monetary concessions to the protest leaders

4. In an attempt to break up anti-government protests in Iran this week, government security forces did all but which one of the following:
a) chased the protesters through the streets on motorcycles
b) released hundreds of political activists imprisoned since last year’s protests
c) used tear gas against the people
d) beat some of the protesters

5. ________________ in Mexico earlier this month has resulted in a shortage across the U.S. of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers & other produce.
a) a strike by farm workers
b) attacks by drug gangs as farmers try to move their produce to the U.S. borders
c) a major freeze
d) the shift in crops grown to corn for ethanol use

6. The shortage of produce from Mexico to the U.S. will result in:
a) an increase in prices
b) a decrease in demand
c) increased consumption of snack foods
d) the closure of thousands of salad bars across the country

7. Anti-government protests inspired by ruler-ousting revolts in Tunisia and Egypt occurred this week in:
a) Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Algeria
b) Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq
c) Iran, Morocco, Jordan and Israel
d) Lebanon, U.A.E., Qatar and Saudi Arabia

8. In the Middle Eastern and North African countries where there are anti-government protests the people are unanimously demanding:
a) the implementation of Sharia (Islamic) law
b) the end of Sharia (Islamic) law
c) political freedom
d) the immediate release of all prisoners suspected of terrorist involvement

9. In 1992 the Supreme Court ruled that businesses without a physical presence (building/office/warehouse, etc.) in a state:
a) must collect sales tax on the goods they sell in that state
b) are not required to collect sales tax on the goods they sell in that state
c) are not required to collect sales tax on the goods they sell in that state, with the exclusion of the online retailer, which must collect sales tax
d) must collect sales tax on the goods they sell in that state, with the exclusion of the online retailer, which is exempted from collecting sales tax

10. The Texas comptroller has said that must pay the state $269 million in sales taxes it should have collected on goods sold to residents because:
a) Texas is in a budget deficit and it really needs the money
b) the sales tax is needed to help build a new sports stadium
c) the 1992 Supreme Court ruling was unfair
d) Amazon’s Dallas distribution center constitutes a physical presence in the state, and therefore requires Amazon to collect Texas sales tax

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