1.  Shipping companies are facing a daunting challenge on the Mississippi River due to:
a)  severe flooding
b)  early snowfall
c)  extreme drought
d)  Hurricane Sandy

2.  If the problem on the Mississippi River is not solved quickly, it will negatively impact all but:
a)  consumers
b)  farmers
c)  people with summer homes along the river
d)  shipping companies

3.  Israel is close to completing a long-range missile-defense shield that will destroy Iranian ballistic missiles in space. This system is called ______________.
a)  Arrow 2 and Arrow 3
b)  the Chrome Dome
c)  The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)
d)  Goliath’s club

4.  The success of the short-range Iron Dome rocket-defense system has led to a newfound confidence among _______________________.
a)  the 1.5 million Arab citizens of Israel
b)  the residents of Gaza
c)  Hamas leaders in Gaza
d)  the Israeli public

5.  Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi left the presidential palace this week through the back door in an effort to avoid:
a)  gangs of Christian and Jewish extremists who were angry that he had permitted a cartoon mocking their religions to be publicized in the state newspaper
b)  approximately 100,000 protesters who had surrounded the palace angered by his seizing absolute power and attempting to push through a new constitution
c)  his adoring followers who had gathered to support him, chanting “Morsi is our Pharaoh”
d)  the Muslim Brotherhood

6.  Protesters oppose the new constitution written by Islamists because they say it will take away human rights and freedom, and that it will give control of the country to:
a)  secularists
b)  the Muslim Brotherhood
c)  Democratic leaders
d)  Christians

7.  Close to _____________ of the members of the United Nations voted to approve the resolution upgrading the Palestinians’ status from an observer to a nonmember observer state last Thursday.
a)  two-thirds
b)  one percent
c)  half
d)  99%

8.  The U.S. and Israel say the Palestinians must _______________________________ before obtaining full member status at the UN.
a)  denounce terrorism and embrace the right of Israel to exist
b)  sign a peace agreement with Israel
c)  disband Hamas
d)  stop teaching their children to hate Jewish people

9.  An American doctor, who is originally from India, has fitted hundreds of poor Indian heart patients with second-hand:
a)  CAT Scans and MRIs
b)  pacemakers and EKGs
c)  hearing aids and dental implants
d)  pacemakers and defibrillators

10. If the Indian patients had to buy these devices new, it would cost them anywhere from:
a)  1-2 months salary
b)  1-2 years salary
c)  5-12 years salary
d)  a week’s salary

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