1. A few government officials in India suggested early this week that the Pakistani government or military was involved with last week’s terrorist attacks in:
a) New Delhi
b) Islamabad
c) Karachi
d) Mumbai

2. The Indian people have expressed anger at all but which group for the terrorist attacks that resulted in the deaths of at least 175 people?
a) the terrorists
b) the American government
c) the Indian government
d) the Pakistani government

3. Indian investigators believe the terrorists had help from either locals or a separate team who prepared for the attacks from outside India because:
a) they knew so much about the general layout of the locations they attacked
b) they didn’t need directions to the Taj Mahal hotel
c) it took the police and military so many hours to kill or capture all 10 terrorists
d) they had to ask one of their victims for directions to the train station

4. The Indian government this week demanded that Pakistan assist them in their investigation by:
a) sending terrorism experts to investigate the crime scene
b) turning over two suspects currently believed to be in Pakistan
c) interrogating the only terrorist captured alive
d) reviewing the evidence for clues that might tell them the nationality of the terrorists

5. U.S. carmakers Ford, Chrysler and General Motors are also know as:
a) the Big Dance
b) the titans of industry
c) the Big Three
d) the Axis of evil

6. The heads of Ford, Chrysler and General Motors are asking Congress this week for $34 billion in aid, warning that if they don’t get the money,  _______________:
a) they won’t be able to pay laid-off union workers 95% of their salaries anymore
b) the companies could collapse
c) they will have to reduce the benefits packages paid to their employees
d) they will have to sell their corporate jets

7. The U.S. military has conducted about 25 airstrikes into Pakistan this year in an attempt to:
a) specifically target al Qaeda and other terrorists hiding in the tribal area of Pakistan
b) scare the Pakistani government into giving up its oil
c) intimidate the Pakistani army
d) get revenge on Pakistani civilians for knowingly harboring terrorists

8. The Pakistani government this week has said that if the U.S. does not end air strikes into Pakistan, they might:
a) impose economic sanctions on the U.S.
b) close their borders to American tourists
c) engage in war with India
d) shoot down any U.S. drones coming into Pakistani territory

9. Approximately ______ ships have been attacked by Somali pirates off the coast of Somalia in the past year.
a) 1
b) 10
c) 100
d) 1,000

10. A total of ______ ships are still being held for ransom by Somali pirates.
a) zero
b) one
c) two
d) fourteen


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