1. Somaliland is a breakaway province of ___________________.
a) Somalia
b) Zimbabwe
c) Rhodesia
d) Franistan

2. The President of Somaliland has proposed plans to:
a) provide a safe haven for pirates who attack ships in the Gulf of Aden
b) provide refugee camps for Zimbabweans fleeing starvation and disease
c) offer information on the pirates if given $100 million reward
d) offer its harbor on the Gulf of Aden as a base for U.S., British and other warships to battle pirtes

3. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said at the U.N. this week that the U.S. may have contributed to a “freedom deficit” in ______________ by focusing on stability at the expense of democracy
a) the Gulf of Aden
b) North Korea
c) the Middle East
d) Great Britain

4. The Arab Human Development report that Sect. Rice referred to in her speech concluded that by most indicators (statistics on literacy, democracy, women’s rights, etc.), the Arab world lagged behind ______________________________________.
a) Europe, Africa and much of Asia
b) Europe, Latin America and much of Asia
c) Europe, Asia and much of Africa
d) Africa, Latin America and much of Asia

5. President-elect Barack Obama wants Sen. Ken Salazar of Colorado to be his Secretary of
a) the Interior
b) Homeland Security
c) Defense
d) Education

6. Sen. Salazar opposed the Bush administration’s efforts to open more Western land for _______________________, but worked with Republicans to allow more offshore oil exploration.
a) nuclear power plants
b) wind farms
c) oil-shale exploration
d) solar energy panel production

7. The border the U.S. shares with Mexico is approximately:
a) 2,000 feet
b) 20,000 miles
c) 200 miles
d) 2,000 miles

8. The Secure Fence Act passed by Congress directs the Secretary of Homeland Security to:
a) put up a six-foot chain link fence across the entire border with Mexico
b) install an electrified fence with razor wire and border patrol agents stationed with guard dogs every mile
c) allow border patrol agents to shoot to kill any person attempting to cross the border into the U.S.
d) provide for at least 2 layers of reinforced fencing, the installation of additional physical barriers, roads, lighting, cameras, and sensors along about 700 miles of border


9.  A stem cell technique using ______________ stem cells has been named scientific breakthrough of the year by Science magazine.
a)  animal
b)  adult human
c)  embryonic human
d)  plant

10. The scientific breakthrough of the year is effective because the cells do not
a)  risk rejection from the immune system when transplanted
b)  cost a lot of money
c)  destroy more than 100 embryos at a time
d)  none of the above

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