News quiz for week ending 12/11/09

Friday's News Quiz   —   Posted on December 11, 2009


DIRECTIONS:  Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement.  Rewrite each false statement to make it true. (10 points each)

1. ___________________ A poll released this week shows citizens’ concerns about climate change/global warming around the world have increased dramatically.

2. ___________________ If the proposals on climate change are passed in Copenhagen, the U.S. must cut emissions by as much as 40% of 1990 levels over the next ten years.

3. ___________________ The U.S. Bureau of Land Management spent about $5 million this year to feed, corral and manage the U.S.’s wild horse population.

4. ___________________ Interior Secretary Ken Salazar wants to move a large number of mustangs from the West to pastures and corrals in the Midwest and East.

5. ___________________ Democratic Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain’s report “Stimulus Checkup,” covers 100 projects [they say are wasteful] across the U.S. totaling $7 billion.

6. ___________________ Projects receiving stimulus money that the Senators’ report cite as wasteful include: $5 million grant for an “almost empty” mall in Tennessee, $133 million in renovations to a federal building in Oregon, $2.2 million to a “money-losing” golf course in California, and $1.9 billion for a “failed” cleanup effort at a World War II-era nuclear site in Washington state.

7. ___________________ Airlines currently allow travelers to transport firearms as concealed weapons.

8. ___________________ If an omnibus spending bill passes, Amtrak train travelers will soon be permitted to transport firearms unloaded, in their checked luggage.

9. ___________________ Colorado State University voted this week to ban concealed firearms and Nerf guns on campus.

10. ___________________Responding to the new regulation, students staged a mass protest outside the administration’s offices demanding that their right to use Nerfs be reinstated.

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