1. A schoolboy in _______________ who has a devastating disease which left him covered in blisters and confined to a hospital bed has been fitted with an entirely new skin.
a) Syria
b) Germany
c) North Korea
d) none of the above

2. In a world first, the medical team took a sample of the boy’s healthy skin that was _______________, extracted the stem cells, then genetically engineered them back to healthy cells. The healthy tissue was then grown into large skin grafts that were used to replace 80 percent of the boy’s skin in three pioneering operations.
a) 1.5 square inches
b) 15 square inches
c) 1.5 feet
d) 15 square feet

3. President Trump concluded a 12 day trip to Asia. He visited: Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.
The goals of the President’s trip were all but:
a) to have a meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un
b) to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific region
c) to advance economic partnerships through fair trade
d) to strengthen international resolve to denuclearize North Korea

4. President Trump met with the leaders of the countries he visited – and the leaders of several other Asian countries. He was given state dinners and gave speeches in each country and held meetings with each leader. He visited U.S. troops on two military bases. Upon his return, he spoke from the White House highlighting his goals for the trip. The aspect of the president’s speech that the media found was the most important to report was:
a) the leaders in all five countries rolled out the red carpet for the president
b) the president’s explanation of his three core objectives for the trip
c) the president’s emphasis during his trip that the U.S. is a reliable friend and a strong partner
d) he drank water during his speech

5. Roger McNamee, an early investor of Facebook, recently accused the company of all but:
a) designing a product that makes people feel happy
b) misusing the First Amendment to “essentially absolve themselves of responsibility”
c) using the techniques of Edward Bernays, the “father of public relations” who promoted smoking for women, and Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda chief to get people addicted to Facebook
d) knowing what they were doing was wrong

6. Former Facebook president Sean Parker recently:
a) accused Facebook of knowing what they were doing would harm people. He said, “The inventors, creators, understood this consciously. And we did it anyway.”
b) denounced Facebook for “exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology”
c) both a) and b)
d) neither a) nor b)

7. Amazon employees have been conducting tests at the company’s new experimental convenience store _______________ in downtown Seattle for the past year.
a) Amazon Stop
b) Amazon Go
c) Amazon Monopoly
d) Amazon Shop

8. The idea behind Amazon’s new store is to let consumers walk in, pick up items and then pay for them without ever standing in line at a cashier. The store will transform the shopping experience by:
a) eliminating the checkout line
b) saving customers time
c) both a) and b)
d) neither a) nor b)

9. On Wednesday, ICE announced the results of Operation Raging Bull which targeted members of the notoriously evil MS-13 gang. The operation lasted more than a year across two countries:
a) the U.S. and Mexico
b) the U.S. and Brazil
c) the U.S. and Ecuador
d) the U.S. and El Salvador

10. Which one of the following is not true of the 214 people arrested in the U.S.?
a) only 16 of the alleged MS-13 members or associates who were arrested were U.S. citizens
b) many were arrested on federal or state criminal charges that ranged from assault to murder
c) the majority of those arrested were legal immigrants who were innocent of any wrongdoing
d) almost all of those arrested are in the U.S. illegally

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