1. People responded to a California middle school prohibiting a student from displaying an American flag on his bike by doing all but which one?
a) rioting outside the school, overturning cars and smashing school windows 
b) riding their motorcycles alongside the student on his way to school
c) providing a military jet flyover as the student rode his bike to school
d) parents walking their kids to school carrying American flags

2. California student Cody Alicea was told by a school administrator that he could not display his flag on school property for his own safety after some students complained and made some threats against him. He responded by:
a) saying he would comply with his school’s orders
b) threatening to sue the school district
c) ignoring the school administrator’s orders and continuing to display the flag on school property
d) making threats to harm the students who complained, and vowed that he would get revenge

3. Airline passengers who oppose new airport screening methods including full body scans and enhanced pat-downs oppose them for all but which one of the following reasons?
a) full body scan images are an invasion of privacy
b) enhanced pat-downs are an invasion of privacy
c) radiation emitted from the body scan machines are potentially harmful to our health
d) they hate standing on line for too long

4. How long does an enhanced pat-down at airport security screening areas take?
a) 5 seconds
b) 10 seconds
c) 2 minutes
d) 10 minutes

5. Earmarks are also known as:
a) piggy-bank projects
b) piggy-back projects
c) pork-barrel projects
d) pig in a poke projects

6. Senate Republicans are calling for a moratorium on earmarks. A moratorium is:
a) a permanent ban
b) an increase
c) a temporary ban
d) a place where the dead are buried

7. Suspected terrorist Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani was acquitted this week of all but one of the 280 charges against him. He is accused of:
a) being involved in the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania that injured 5,000 people and killed 224, including 12 Americans
b) participating in 2000 bombing of the USS Cole Naval Ship as it refueled in a Yemeni port, killing 17 U.S. sailors and injuring 39
c) attacking the U.S. Embassy in Yemen in 2008 which killed 19 people and injured 16
d) helping the 9-11 terrorists obtain pilots licenses

8. What argument did Ghailani’s lawyers use as his defense?
a) poverty drove him to a life of terrorism
b) America is the Great Satan
c) he was innocently duped into unknowingly helping the terrorists
d) it’s a case of mistaken identity

9. In an effort to ease the stress of traveling over Thanksgiving, airlines are preparing to take extra measures to help customers. Which one of the following won’t the airlines do to make traveling easier for their passengers?
a) provide plastic bags for parents bringing car seats for their kids
b) have extra staff on duty at ticket counters, baggage, etc.
c) provide a shuttle service from passengers’ homes to the airport
d) hold airplane departures if passengers are stuck in long lines

10. What is expected to cause the biggest delays in air travel over Thanksgiving this year?
a) bad weather in some parts of the country which could shut down major airports
b) passenger confusion/anger over new security screening measures
c) travelers with unruly children who refuse to remain seated
d) a lack of air space for all of the extra flights that will be going out over the week

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