1. The main problem the U.S. military has with Iraqi police officers in Diyala province is:
a) the Iraqis don’t understand English
b) the Iraqis do not want to work with the Americans
c) the Iraqis don’t like donuts
d) the Iraqis act more like military than police

2. Violence has _______________ in the past year in Diyala province.
a) increased
b) decreased
c) stayed the same
d) disappeared

3. Which federal holiday do many people confuse with Veterans Day?
a) the Fourth of July
b) Flag Day
c) Memorial Day
d) President’s Day

4. Why is Veterans Day celebrated on November 11th every year?
a) it commemorates the end of fighting in WWI
b) it marks the day WWI officially ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed
c) President Eisenhower felt it would be easier to remember if held on the same date each year
d) it commemorates the end of fighting in WWII

5. North Korea’s military announced this week that by December 1st it will close:
a) its border with South Korea
b) its embassy in the U.S.
c) the Pyongyang Disneyland
d) its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon

6. The North Korean government was angered by the election of a ____________ politician, Lee Myung-bak, as president of South Korea this year. a) socialist
b) conservative
c) libertarian
d) communist

7. The government of _______________ is accused of supporting rebel Laurent Nkunda in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
a) Rwanda
b) Angola
c) South Africa
d) Zimbabwe

8. Because of the threat of renewed fighting and the knowledge that so many civilian refugees are fleeing the fighting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the U.S., UN and AU are calling for:
a) a temporary cease fire
b) a negotiated settlement
c) new presidential elections
d) a power-sharing government between President Kabila and rebel leader Laurent Nkunda

9.  What unprecedented event took place at the UN conference on religious tolerance this week?
a)  Muslim leaders declared that Arab Christians in their countries would be free to worship and tell others about their faith
b)  Iranian President Ahmadinejad renounced his threats and insults against Israel
c)  Chinese leaders declared that all Christians imprisoned for their faith in China would be released
d)  a half-dozen Arab leaders for the first time ever stayed in their seats while an Israeli president spoke

10. Who initiated the UN conference on religious tolerance this week?
a)  the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah
b)  North Korean dictator Kim Jong il
c)  Saudi King Abdullah
d)  the mullahs of Iran

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