1. A NJ high school student and her family have been granted intervenor status in a court case that contends that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance violates the rights of _______________. The case seeks to have the court declare that those rights are being violated and to have schools desist from having the pledge recited in its current form.
a) Christians
b) Jews
c) atheists and humanists
d) people who believe in God

2. The plaintiffs in the Pledge of Allegiance case are suing to force NJ schools to remove the words _________________ from the Pledge.
a) In God We Trust
b) One Nation Under God
c) With Liberty and Justice for All
d) Atheists need not apply

3. According to a recent Annenberg survey, 36 percent of American adults could name all three branches of government; _____ percent couldn’t name any.
a) 0
b) 35
c) 99
d) 100

4. A growing number of lawmakers want to pass laws in their state that in order to graduate would require all students to pass the ____________ test given to immigrants who want to become citizens.
a) civics
b) math
c) U.S. geography
d) loyalty

5. President Obama announced on September 16 that he was sending 3,000 U.S. troops to Africa to help stop the spread of Ebola.  The troops assignment is to build tent hospitals. They will level swampy grassland, unload supplies and build tents, then train thousands of nurses from _________________________ to treat Ebola.
a) Nigeria and Somalia
b) Sierra Leone and Liberia
c) Sudan and Somalia
d) Liberia and Kenya

6. In a speech at the United Nations on Thursday, President Obama called on other countries to follow America’s lead and:
a) put a hold on granting any visas for people from West Africa
b) insist that anyone flying out of any of the affected countries but put in quarantine for 21 days before being allowed to fly out of Africa
c) step up quickly with aid and contribute goods and services like health-care workers, equipment and air transport
d) stop all flights from West African nations to and from their countries

7. ____________ this week became the first state in the nation to ban grocery stores from handing out plastic bags with customers’ purchases.
a) Colorado
b) Massachusettes
c) California
d) Washington

8. Opponents of the bill banning the use of plastic bags said the statewide ban is:
a) a necessary law
b) long overdue
c) a complete shock
d) government overreach

9. The knowledge that police departments across the country are tracking drivers license plates across the U.S., regardless of whether the drivers are being investigated by law enforcement, has angered many who say their _____________________ are being violated.
a) civil rights
b) civil liberties
c) free speech
d) second amendment

10. Government and law enforcement officials say the data collection is needed to help with _________________________, either to incriminate or exonerate a suspect.
a) civil lawsuits
b) private eye investigations
c) criminal investigations
d) government control of the people

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