A quiz with questions relating to the week’s Daily News Articles.

1. When he spoke to the UN General Assembly this week, President Obama addressed all but which issue?
a) Russia’s moves in Ukraine
b) the Syrian civil war and the ensuing refugee crisis
c) the danger to the world posed by Iran gaining nuclear weapons
d) the threat from ISIS

2. Which two world leaders did President Obama meet with during the UN General Assembly this week?
a) Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
b) Cuban President Raul Castro and Russian President Vladimir Putin
c) Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Cuban President Raul Castro
d) Syrian President Bashar Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin

3. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management announced this week that hackers stole 5.6 million fingerprints it had on file, a number significantly higher than the agency’s original estimate of 1.1 million fingerprints. This poses an immediate danger to:
a) IRS agents and the people they are investigating
b) members of President Obama’s cabinet
c) American spies and undercover law enforcement agents
d) hackers worldwide

4. U.S. Intelligence Director James Clapper says _________________________ is the number one suspect behind the cyber theft.
a) Russian President Vladimir Putin
b) the North Koreans
c) the Iranian military
d) the Chinese government

5. During a meeting at the UN on Monday, President Obama and Russian President Putin agreed to:
a) look for a diplomatic end to the Syrian civil war
b) notify each other prior to conducting airstrikes in Syria
c) have the U.S. pull out of Syria and let Russia take the lead
d) work together to completely destroy ISIS with coordinated airstrikes and ground troops

6. U.S. relations with Russia were strained even before Russia’s involvement in Syria because in March 2014 President Putin annexed Crimea from ___________________ and continues to support pro-Russian separatists in the eastern part of the country.
a) Ukraine
b) Georgia
c) Syria
d) Uzbekistan

7. Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who went to jail for defying a federal court’s orders to issue same-sex marriage licenses, said this week that she met privately with Pope Francis at __________________ in Washington, D.C. during his historic visit to the U.S.
a) the U.S. Capitol
b) the White House
c) the Lincoln Memorial
d) the Vatican Embassy

8. Regarding her visit with the Pope, Mrs. Davis said, ”He told me before he left, he said:
a) ‘stay strong’
b) ‘I’ll pray for you even though you’re not Catholic’
c) ‘please obey the law’
d) ‘you should give up this fight’

9. Which one of the following responses have U.S. officials NOT made to Russia’s surprise airstrikes in Syria?
a) a defense official called it “unprofessional”
b) President Obama demanded that Russia stay out of Syrian airspace
c) a defense official called it unproductive
d) Secretary of State John Kerry met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and said he raised U.S. concerns about attacks that target regime opponents other than ISIS.

10. In addition to demanding that the U.S. coalition stay out of Syrian airspace, Russian actions in Syria that have angered the U.S. and our allies include all but:
a) provided notice only an hour before their operations
b) conducted airstrikes in areas where anti-Assad rebels – not Islamic State – operate
c) did not coordinate their actions with the existing, U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition
d) arming ISIS fighters with Russian-made tanks and weapons

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