1. Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October. In his Book of Prophesies, Christopher Columbus credits _________________ for enabling him to make his historic trip.
a) King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
b) His father
c) His skill as a sailor and a navigator
d) God

2. Columbus wrote a letter in 1493 to King Ferdinand’s treasurer reporting on his voyage. In it, he describes the natives they encounter as:
a) trustworthy and generous
b) savages
c) knowledgeable
d) unteachable

3. This year, Mall of America executives decided to close on Thanksgiving day to:
a) give workers time with their families
b) increase sales on Friday, the traditional start to the Christmas shopping season
c) save money on overtime
d) set aside a day of thanksgiving to God for his many blessings on our country

4. Stores began opening on Thanksgiving day over the past several years as a way to:
a) protest the Thanksgiving holiday
b) increase sales, beat the competition and compete against online retailers
c) spend time with their employees on Thanksgiving
d) none of the above

5. In a conference call to House members on Monday, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan urged Republican lawmakers to do whatever they needed to win re-election, even if it meant cutting loose from the party’s presidential nominee Donald Trump. Ryan said he would not defend Trump or campaign with him for the remainder of the election and that he would no longer defend the party’s nominee and instead will focus on __________.
a) getting Hillary Clinton elected
b) showing voters what a virtuous man of integrity he is
c) keeping the Republican majority in Congress
d) convincing Trump to drop out and appoint former presidential candidate Mitt Romney in his place

6. About a dozen members spoke during the conference call with Speaker Ryan, and most disagreed with him. Those who did explained:
a) “For us to try to undo what the Republican voters did in the primaries would be a betrayal to the Republican voters who made their choice.”
b) “The best way to ensure a Republican majority in the House is to make Donald Trump the most successful candidate we can make him. The idea that running from him strengthens that, I don’t buy that strategy.”
c) both a) and b)
d) neither a) nor b)

7. Wikileaks released thousands of emails this week that had been hacked from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. The emails revealed that:
a) several members of the media have given advice or shown favoritism to Mrs. Clinton
b) the media is completely impartial in the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
c) several members of the media have given advice or shown favoritism to Donald Trump
d) the news media refuses to give special treatment to Hillary Clinton

8. Several of the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks were from John Harwood to the Clinton campaign chairman. In one email to Podesta, Harwood says: “[Hillary] was good here” after an event and in another describes her as “pretty strong.” In another email, he describes a story he is writing about Hillary as one “she wants.”
In another email from May 2015, Harwood warns Podesta to “watch out” for Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, writing, “Ben Carson could give you real trouble in a general.”
Harwood was a moderator of a Republican primary debate and bragged to Podesta in an email exchange about asking Donald Trump, “Let’s be honest, is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?”
John Harwood is:
a) op-ed columnist for Mother Jones
b) Fox News’ Washington Bureau Chief
c) CNBC’s chief Washington correspondent and political writer for The New York Times
d) head investigator for TMZ

9. Four high school football teams in Washington state have forfeited games against the same team due to concerns over:
a) losing
b) safety
c) fights
d) low attendance

10. Head Coach Tim Dennis, coach of a school that forfeited last week, said that the level of athletes Archbishop Murphy have been able to bring in on one team doesn’t match up with a lot of the teams. He explained they forfeited over the:
a) size difference between their linemen
b) speed of the running backs
c) inequality between the two teams’ equipment
d) amount of touchdowns the other team would get

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