1.  Columbus Day is a national holiday in the United States, proclaimed so in 1937 by President ___________________:
a)  Herbert Hoover
b)  John F. Kennedy
c)  George Washington Carver
d)  Franklin D. Roosevelt

2.  Columbus Day commemorates the landing of Columbus in the “New World” (on a small island off the coast of Florida) on October 12, ___________.
a)  1492
b)  1517
c)  1620
d)  1776

3.  Coptic Christians staging a peaceful protest this week outside the state-run TV station in _________________ were attacked by Islamists and possibly even some military members.
a)  Saudi Arabia
b)  Iran
c)  Egypt
d)  the United States

4.  The Christians were protesting recent attacks on a church by Islamists, which had occurred after:
a)  Christian leaders agreed to Islamists demands that they remove a cross and bells from a church that was under construction
b)  the Christians attacked the Islamists
c)  the Islamists had tried to establish a peaceful relationship with their Christian neighbors
d)  the Christians refused to reach any type of compromise with the Islamists

5.  Peanut butter prices are going to increase between 30-35% in the next month due to:
a)  the greed of the peanut butter corporations
b)  reduction in peanut crops this year in Georgia and Texas
c)  the reduction of peanut butter imports from China, peanut butter capital of the world
d)  increased demand for peanut butter from Pakistan & Afghanistan

6.  Food prices have increased over the past year approximately:
a)  .6%
b)  6%
c)  25%
d)  60%

7.  A cargo ship, carrying over 1,300 containers, hit a reef off the coast of _________________ and is in danger of breaking apart.
a)  Australia
b)  New Zealand
c)  Indonesia
d)  Fiji Islands

8.  The cargo ship hit the reef:
a)  during a torrential rain storm
b)  due to a power outage at the lighthouse
c)  because the entire crew was throwing a surprise party for the captain
d)  which was well-marked on the map, during calm weather

9.  A U.S. Congressional Committee just released a report stating that by 2020, there may be _____________ more men of marriageable age than there are women in China.
a)  4 million
b)  40 million
c)  400 million
d)  4 billion

10. The imbalance of men to women of marriageable age is believed to be caused by:
a)  the number of Chinese men who marry foreign women
b)  the number of Chinese men who prefer to stay single their entire lives
c)  sex-selective abortions due to the one-child policy
d)  the Communist government’s dislike for female babies

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