1. The Pakistani government shut down a key border crossing into ________________ last week, making supply trucks headed to NATO posts vulnerable to attacks by the Taliban.
a) India
b) Afghanistan
c) Iraq
d) Yemen

2. The Taliban has carried out several attacks on supply trucks in Pakistan this week. They say the attacks will continue until:
a) the supplies are completely stopped
b) the U.S. gets out of Pakistan
c) they have killed every truck driver in Pakistan
d) the Pakistani government permits women to become truck drivers

3. Voters in Arizona, Colorado and Oklahoma will vote in November on whether to approve proposed constitutional amendments in their states that would:
a) eliminate state income tax
b) provide government health insurance for every resident of the state
c) increase state income tax
d) allow the state to opt out of parts of President Obama’s newly passed health care bill

4. Responding to opponents of the proposed state amendments who say federal law trumps state law, supporters say the ______ amendment to the U.S. Constitution reserves to the states “the powers not delegated to the U.S. by the Constitution”
a) 1st
b) 5th
c) 10th
d) 15th

5. ______________ has declared a state of emergency after toxic sludge from an aluminum factory reservoir burst its banks and flooded several towns.
a) Chili
b) India
c) Hungary
d) Mexico

6. The toxic red sludge has already reached local rivers, and the National Disaster Unit has poured multiple tons of plaster into the local river in an attempt to stop it from flowing into the _________
a) Danube River
b) Nile River
c) Amazon River
d) Rhine River

7. Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay made history Wednesday night by _______________________________
a) becoming the second pitcher to throw a no-hitter in the postseason
b) becoming the only pitcher to throw two no-hitters in the same year
c) striking out all 27 batters in the game
d) becoming the only pitcher to throw a perfect game in the postseason

8. Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay’s nickname is:
a) Rodgers
b) Rob Roy
c) Doc
d) Tombstone

9. Jailed Chinese democracy activist Liu Xiaobo was awarded the ______________________ this week.
a) Nobel Prize for Literature
b) Nobel Peace Prize
c) Nobel Prize for Democracy
d) Nobel Prize for Medicine

10. Liu Xiaobo co-wrote Charter 08, which calls for all but which one of the following?
a) loyalty to the government
b) protection of basic human rights
c) reform of China’s one-party system
d) freedom of speech and press

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