Directions: Circle the correct answer.

1. Under the federal government’s financial bailout plan, in addition to buying mortgages and mortgage-backed securities, the U.S. government will buy shares (stocks) from 9 major auto makers/banks.

2. Under the bailout plan, the U.S. Treasury/the U.S. Congress is allowed to purchase the stocks until Dec. 31, 2009.

3. When it opens for business this week in Virginia, the Divine Mercy Care Pharmacy will not be selling contraceptives/painkillers.

4. The Divine Mercy Care Pharmacy expects the government/the free market to decide if there is a need for their type of pharmacy.

5. The Congressional ban on offshore drilling was highly unpopular with the majority of Americans/Congress.

6. Democratic members of Congress have implied that the ban on offshore drilling will be at least partially reinstated after an alternative fuel source is found/the presidential election is over.

7. Through a summit of world leaders meeting at the White House in November, the Bush administration aims to come to an agreement on general financial principles that nations will implement/a detailed system of financial regulation in response to the financial crisis.

8. November’s summit will give President Bush the opportunity to promote to world leaders the belief that free trade/a redistribution of wealth must be a part of any solution to fix the global economy.

9. With the handover of Babil province by U.S. forces, two/twelve of Iraq’s eighteen provinces are now under the direct security control of the Iraqi government.

10. The emergence last year of the Sons of Iraq security groups and the U.S. troop surge/diplomatic talks with the terrorists are credited for the fall in violence in Babil.


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