1. Fox News is viewed as having a conservative slant, especially with their commentators. For what reasons were Trump supporters opposed to the choice of Fox News anchor Chris Wallace as moderator of the first debate? (CHOOSE 2)
a) he is viewed as having a strong dislike for President Trump
b) he has expressed his great admiration of Joe Biden
c) he has declared his intention of debating Trump while moderating
d) he is a registered Democrat

2. Mr. Wallace selected the topics for the debate, which were announced a week prior, and also created the questions, which he said were not shared with either candidate ahead of time. Which one of the following was not listed as a debate topic for Tuesday night’s debate?
a) covid-19
b) the candidates’ health
c) Race and Violence in our Cities
d) the Supreme Court

3. In September, the Trump administration issued new import restrictions against Chinese companies it accuses of using _______________ from suspected mass prison camps in China’s western Xinjiang region.
a) non-union labor
b) child labor
c) slave labor
d) none of the above

4. The Trump administration has taken several steps in response to the Communist Party’s human rights abuses against _______________ in China’s western Xinjiang region, including imposing sanctions on several Xinjiang officials and issuing orders targeting forced labor.
a) Falun Gong members
b) Chinese Catholics
c) the Muslim minority Uyghers
d) Hong Kong democracy advocates

5. It was reported this week that four pharmaceutical companies are in the final phase of study on coronavirus vaccines. Before being made available to the public, a vaccine needs to get approval from the:
a) EPA
b) CDC
c) FCC
d) FDA

6. The number of participants in Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson’s final phase of their coronavirus vaccine trials range from _______________. Pfizer even increased the number in its trial and included teenagers, as well as people with diseases such as HIV and hepatitis because the company says the vaccine appears extremely safe.
a) 25 to 60
b) 250 to 600
c) 2,500 to 6,000
d) 25,000 to 60,000

7. Telemundo took an unofficial poll of viewers following Tuesday night’s debate. The results showed:
a) 66% of viewers thought President Trump won; 34% thought former Vice President Biden won
b) 66% of viewers thought Vice President Biden won; 34% thought former President Trump won
c) the poll results were even: each candidate earned 50% of the poll
d) the overwhelming majority of viewers chose “I don’t know” when asked who they thought won the debate

8. Latinos are expected to be the largest minority in this year’s election, with __________ of eligible voters.
a) 33 percent
b) 3 percent
c) 13 percent
d) .3 percent

9. Responding to Dutch cycling journalist José Been, who tweeted, “My dear American friends, I hope this horrible presidency ends for you. And for us as (former?) allies too. If you follow me and support Trump, you can go. There is zero excuse to follow or vote for the vile, horrible man,” American cyclist Quinn Simmons tweeted _______________.
a) “I disagree with your unprofessional tweet”
b) “Bye”
c) “Shut up you big jerk”
d) “I concur”

10. Simmons also replied, “That’s right,” with a US flag symbol to the tweet, “Apparently a Trumper.” Reacting to Simmons’ tweets, his team _______________, saying Simmons’ statements “are divisive, incendiary, and detrimental to the team, professional cycling, its fans, and the positive future we hope to help create for the sport.”
a) suspended him indefinitely
b) confiscated his bike
c) ordered him to close his personal Twitter account
d) had him sent to a re-education camp

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