1.  The Iranian government has said that their longest-range missiles are able to reach all but which location?
a)  parts of Europe
b)  parts of the U.S.
c)  Israel
d)  U.S. military bases in the Middle East

2.  The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Air Force said that the purpose of Iran’s recent missile tests is to:
a)  show that Iran’s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only
b)  attempt to simultaneously bomb Israel and U.S. military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan
c)  show the world that they do not have the capability to bomb Israel or any U.S. allies
d)  show that the Iranian government is prepared to crush any military threat from another country

3.  The ruling by the ________________, thought to be the first statewide ruling of its kind, requires all hospital, hospice and home health care workers to get both a seasonal and H1N1 flu shot. 
a)  New York State Health Department
b)  California State Health Department
c)  Maryland State Health Department
d)  Illinois State Health Department

4.  In locations where flu shots are mandatory for health care workers, organizations have said that failure to comply could lead to:
a)  a nasty case of the flu
b)  grounds for dismissal
c)  workers being physically restrained while the vaccine is administered
d)  denial of promotions

5.  A _________________ is a very large ocean wave caused by an underwater earthquake or volcanic eruption
b)  typhoon
a)  hurricane
c)  tsunami
d)  tornado

6.  A strong earthquake in the ____________________ triggered a tsunami in the Samoan Islands this week.
a)  Caribbean Sea
b)  Indian Ocean
c)  South Pacific Ocean
d)  Philippine Ocean

7.  This week, the Chinese government celebrated the 60th anniversary of
a)  the Communist Party revolution
b)  the death of Chairman Mao
c)  the death of democracy in China
d)  the opening of the first Nike factory in China

8.  In preparation for the anniversary parade and celebration, the Chinese government did all but the following:
a)  arrested or closely watched leading dissidents and human rights lawyers
b)  released leading dissidents, human rights lawyers and Christians who were wrongly imprisoned
c)  put much of central Beijing on lockdown by Tuesday
d)  put 18 cloud-seeding airplanes on standby to disperse any thunderstorms before they reach Beijing

9.  In response to Pakistani terrorists who broke into her home, an Indian farmer’s daughter did all but the following to the leader: 
a)  disarmed him
b)  attacked him with an ax
c)  begged for mercy for her father
d)  shot him with his own gun

10. The farmer’s daughter said she took the action she did because: 
a)  “If I’d failed to kill him, they would have killed us”
b)  “I wanted to get revenge”
c)  “I didn’t like the way they just forced their way into our home”
d)  “I wanted some excitement in my life”

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