DIRECTIONS: Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement. Rewrite each false statement to make it true.

1.  __________________ Christopher Columbus studied many subjects, including seafaring, astronomy, geometry and arithmetic.

2.  __________________ Christopher Columbus wrote in his “Book of Prophecies” that his motive for his first voyage was to seek gold and glory.

3.  __________________ President Bush this week presented a plan to use $250 billion (of the $700 billion Congressional bailout) to purchase equity shares in major U.S. banks.

4.  __________________ The president said that the government will sell banks’ shares back to the banks once the economy has stabilized and institutions can raise private capital.

5.  __________________ The community organizing group ACORN is under investigation by federal or state officials in 10 states for embezzling government funds.

6.  __________________ Senator Obama’s campaign manager said his campaign gave ACORN $832,598 for voter canvassing.

7.  __________________ Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain’s voting records on illegal immigration are nearly identical.

8.  __________________ Both Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain have said they won’t tackle broader immigration, including legalization, until proving to voters that the borders are secure.

9.  __________________ A recent crackdown on illegal immigration has led to an increase in deportations, which in turn has in turn led to the creation of a de facto airline to send the deportees home.

10. __________________ On average, the U.S. government spends $62 for each illegal immigrant flown home.

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