1. Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October. In his Book of Prophesies, Christopher Columbus credits _________________ for enabling him to make his historic trip.
a) his father
b) his skill as a sailor and a navigator
c) God
d) King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

2. Columbus wrote a letter in 1493 to King Ferdinand’s treasurer reporting on his voyage. In it, he describes the natives they encounter as:
a) trustworthy and generous
b) savages
c) knowledgeable
d) unteachable

3. Voters in multiple states experienced problems with mail-in ballots including:
a) received absentee ballots marked for military use
b) received 2 ballots in the mail
c) received inaccurate mail-in ballots
d) received absentee ballots with the wrong names and addresses on the return envelopes
e) all of the above

4. A big problem with voters receiving inaccurate mail in ballots was in the state of _______________, which is one of around a dozen potential swing states in the 2020 election, making ballot errors there particularly notable.
a) New York
b) Ohio
c) Texas
d) New Jersey

5. _______________ reported this week that experts have “genuine confidence” that the coronavirus pandemic will end “far sooner” than originally expected and that President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed has been “working with remarkable efficiency.”
a) The New York Times
b) Fox News
c) President Trump
d) Twitter

6. Operation Warp Speed is a Trump administration program to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of _______________ for Covid-19.
a) vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics
b) vaccines
c) diagnostics
d) therapeutics and diagnostics

7. Following President Trump’s recovery from Covid-19, the Commission on Presidential Debates declined to reschedule the 2nd debate and insisted it could only be held virtually _______________.
a) to protect former Vice President Joe Biden
b) as a way to control the debate
c) because people expect everything to be held virtually
d) citing an abundance of caution with health concerns

8. After ABC News announced they would hold a town hall with Joe Biden in place of the 2nd debate, _______________ announced (after the president was declared covid free) that they would host a town hall with President Trump at the same time.
a) Fox News
b) CNN
d) NBC

9. What actions did Twitter take following a New York Post story on alleged corruption by Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden?
a) Twitter locked the accounts of people who commented on the article
b) Twitter blocked users from sharing the article
c) Twitter censored the article
d) all of the above

10. Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee say they will subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. _______________ said Dorsey needs to “explain why Twitter is abusing their corporate power to silence the press and to cover up allegations of corruption.”
a) Senator Mitch McConnell
b) Senator Ted Cruz
c) Senator Chuck Schumer
d) Senator Kamala Harris

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