1. A 21 year-old Florida man who failed to report to jury duty because he overslept and missed the trial was sentenced to a 10-day jail sentence in September. The court delayed the trial as they tried numerous times to reach him without success. The reason he was subpoenaed to appear before the judge was not oversleeping but because:
a) he didn’t go to the courthouse or call the bailiff
b) he went to work
c) he talked to his grandfather about it
d) he called a lawyer

2. Finding him guilty of contempt of court, the judge initially sentenced the man to 10 days in jail and the additional penalties below. Which two did the judge then reduce or rescind?
a) one year of probation
b) write a letter of apology to the court
c) 150 hours of community service
d) pay $223 to cover court costs

3. Chinese businesses and the Chinese Basketball Association cut ties with _______________ this week after GM Daryl Morey tweeted an image that said “Fight for Freedom. Stand for Hong Kong,”
a) the Golden State Warriors
b) the Denver Nuggets
c) the Houston Rockets
d) the Brooklyn Nets

4. Which one is not true?
a) Star player James Harden apologized to the Communist country, saying, “We apologize. We love China.
b) the team’s owner said “We stand behind our GM’s support for freedom 100% – China or no China.”
c) the NBA tweeted in Chinese it was “extremely disappointed” in the GM’s “inappropriate” tweet that “severely hurt the feelings of Chinese fans”
d) the GM deleted his tweet supporting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong and tweeted he did not mean to cause offense to fans and friends in China

5. Two Americans and a _______________ scientist won the 2019 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for discovering how the body’s cells sense and react to oxygen levels. They identified the biological machinery that regulates how genes respond to varying levels of oxygen.
a) British
b) Chinese
c) Canadian
d) German

6. The Nobel laureates’ discovery has paved the way for new strategies to fight anemia, _______________ and other diseases. Their work has “greatly expanded our knowledge of how physiological response makes life possible,” the Nobel committee said.
a) Ebola
b) the common cold
c) cancer
d) measles

7. California power company PG&E began preemptively cutting power to about _______________ customers in multiple counties in the Bay area on Wednesday due to the weather forecast of dangerously high winds.
a) 800
b) 8.000
c) 80,000
d) 800,000

8. To prepare, California residents in the locations expected to lose power did all but which one of the following?
a) emptied store shelves of batteries for flashlights and cell phones
b) helped loved ones whose medical needs require electricity
c) boarded up all of their windows
d) stockpiled water and canned food

9. Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October. In his Book of Prophesies, Christopher Columbus credits _________________ for enabling him to make his historic trip.
a) God
b) His skill as a sailor and a navigator
c) Italy
d) King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

10. Christopher Columbus studied academic subjects including all but:
a) seafaring
b) mapmaking
c) geometry
d) gender studies

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