1. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. The word that best describes the tone of Dr. King’s speech is:
a) explosive
b) jovial
c) bitter
d) inspiring

2. In addition to his many accomplishments, Dr. King:
a) won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964
b) was the leader of the Civil Rights Movement
c) was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom
d) all of the above

3. Turkey is trying to extradite Turkish NBA player Enes Kanter through Interpol. President Erdogan is targeting Kanter for two reasons: (select 2)
a) because of Kanter’s support for a Pennsylvania-based Turkish cleric
b) because the Knicks have not had a winning season since he joined the team
c) for insulting President Erdogan and former NBA player Hidayet Turkoglu, who is an advisor to Erdogan
d) because he left the Turkish national basketball team for the NBA

4. Kanter skipped a Knicks game that was played in London, explaining, “I talked to the [Knicks] front office and sadly I’m not going because of that…lunatic, the Turkish president. There’s a chance I can get __________ out there.” … When asked if he really thought he could be __________ if he went to the United Kingdom, he replied, “Oh yeah, easy. They’ve got a lot of spies there….It would be a very ugly situation.”
“Anyone who speaks out against Erdogan is a target,” Kanter said in a tweet. “That includes me.”
a) killed
b) arrested
c) reprimanded
d) tortured

5. An initial video of Catholic high school students from Kentucky sparked a rush to judgement as it appeared to show the students mocking a Native American elder. The longer version shows that the teen was:
a) mocking the Native American man
b) not mocking the Native American man
c) yelling at the Native American man
d) yelling at a group of protesters

6. The teen at the center of the video said that following the release of the first video, he and his family have received numerous death threats and calls for violence against him. In the video, the teen was wearing:
a) a MAGA hat
b) a school baseball hat
c) a Bernie Sanders hat
d) a Native American headdress

7. The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear its first gun rights case in a decade — a challenge from _______________ groups over strict firearms regulations in New York City.
a) First Amendment
b) Second Amendment
c) Fifth Amendment
d) Twenty-first Amendment

8. An appeals court ruled last year that the plaintiffs’ rights were not infringed upon, since they can still practice at a gun range within New York City and, should they wish to keep a gun in a second home outside the city, they _______________.
a) could borrow one from a neighbor
b) could keep one there without a license
c) could apply for a second license from the county in which the home is located
d) they should keep dreaming

9. Socialist president Nicolas Maduro won a second term in May following sham elections which were boycotted by the opposition party. The U.S, the EU, Canada and many Latin American nations called Maduro’s election a fraud. The countries that support Maduro’s government include all but:
a) Cuba
b) Mexico
c) Turkey
d) Bolivia, El Salvador and Nicaragua
e) China
f) North Korea

10. President Trump formally recognized the head of Venezuela’s national Assembly, opposition leader Jaun Guaido, as interim president of Venezuela this week. In response, Maduro cut ties and ordered all U.S. diplomats to leave the country within 72 hours. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded by:
a) ordering U.S. diplomats to leave Venezuela within 24 hours
b) begging Maduro for a second chance
c) offering to sell Maduro U.S. oil at reduced prices
d) saying Maduro does not have the legal authority to do so and that our diplomats will stay

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