Gallup: By 3-to-1 Public Sees Liberal Over Conservative News Media Bias

Wednesday's Example of Media Bias   —   Posted on September 28, 2005

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-Read the excerpt below from Brent Baker's Sept. 27. 2005 posting at
-Read "Types of Media Bias" in the right column. Then answer the questions.

Nearly three times as many of those polled in a new Gallup survey said they believe the media are “too liberal” than “too conservative.” Gallup’s Tuesday press release … reported: “When asked about the news media’s political slant, Americans are much more likely to say they are too liberal (46%) than they are to say they are about right (37%) or too conservative (16%). Those views are consistent with what Gallup has measured since 2001. The percentage of Americans saying the news media are too liberal has ranged between 45% and 48%, and has always been the plurality response. There has been a slight increase in the public’s sentiment that the media are too conservative, from 11% in 2001 to 16% today.”

Last year, 48 percent saw the media as “too liberal” compared to 15 percent who thought the media were “too conservative.” Given the plus/minus three percent margin of error, the numbers are essentially unchanged from last September …  (For the complete posting, click here.)


How would you respond to the Gallup survey described below? The media is: “too liberal”, “about right” or “too conservative.”