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If you want a comprehensive picture of the situation in Iraq, you probably won’t get it from traditional news anchors. In fact today, on CBS’s “The Early Show” it took a report from Dave Price, the weatherman, for viewers to get a full picture of the conditions. Price has spent the last week in Iraq touring with entertainers…who are performing for our troops. …[he reported] from Baghdad:

“And throughout this whole journey, despite what the headlines that we read and see in the United States are, the morale of the troops may surprise you.”

Price later pointed out:

“Folks from all over the base have come here. And they said, one of the hardest things to actually communicate to people at home is the ability that these groups have had to build trust amongst the Iraqis and the Iraqi police, and that’s hard to put in a headline, and it’s hard to put on video. But they’ve done a fine job.”

While most in the media is hyping bad news, making it seem like all of Iraq is spiraling into an abyss of violence, Price points out that the violence is limited to certain areas:

“Yes, there’s still pockets of violence. Our base was shelled while we were in, in the Sunni triangle and off performing. But I think most soldiers would say, now the hard work has begun. Now it is time to settle in.”

In fact, Price had the following exchange with “Early Show” co-host Harry Smith in which he insists conditions in Iraq are improving:

Harry Smith: “Dave, tell me this now because you did this with the troops over in Afghanistan a year ago. What has this experience been like for you? And, what is it like to be with these, with these soldiers and marines?”

Dave Price: “Well, I’ll tell you the conditions here in Iraq are significantly better than they were in Afghanistan. And as anyone who’s been on their second or third tour will say, things have really begun to improve. Things are really operating much more smoothly here, and it’s a much more comfortable place to be.”

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