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1. What news items does cartoonist Tom Stiglich use to illustrate his point?

2. Do you agree or disagree with the cartoonist’s assertion about the Democrats and the media?

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Cartoon by Tom Stiglich


1. The cartoonist uses all of the false narratives used against Trump supporters that paint them as racist, homophobic, misogynistic… and false narratives used against President Trump to try to get rid of him. Nothing works because they are false narratives.

  • Jussie Smollett – hate crime hoax; popular actor completely made up a fake story that white men had attacked him for being black and gay while telling him “This is MAGA country.” It did not happen; instead he paid African actor-model brothers to play the part of the Trump supporting white racists and to stage a fake attack.
  • Covington Kids – hate crime hoax; media rushed to report MAGA hat wearing, pro-life teens disrespected a Native American veteran. When the whole video was shown, it was revealed that the Native American man, a known progressive activist and agitator, had confronted them, banging his drum in their faces. The Trump supporting teens were innocent. They had been slandered, received numerous death threats and calls for them to be banned from ever attending any college.
  • Kavanaugh Hearing – Bret Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court justice, was falsely accused of sexual misconduct by a classmate when they were 16, thirty years prior. The accuser had no proof and her best fried did not believe any attack had occurred. The accuser was not a credible witness, but was brought forth by Democrats looking to destroy a potential justice who is pro-life.
  • Russia Collusion – President Trump was falsely accused of colluding with Russia and then falsely accused of obstructing justice. Two years and $30 million later, Special Counsel Robert Mueller never found any evidence of any wrongdoing, but refused to say Trump is innocent.
  • Impeachment Inquiry – going nowhere. Democrats will vote to impeach. Republicans won’t. Media building up false narrative again.
  • Looming recession – economy under President Trump is breaking records in stock market highs, unemployment lows, jobs… but all along the story is “looming recession”

2. Opinion question. Answers vary.