Finns dominate world championship for mobile phone throwers
HELSINKI, Finland — Finnish nationals dominated the 2011 Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships held August 20th near the Finnish town of Savonlinna.  Oskari Heinonen won the men’s category with an 83-yard throw and Netta Karvinen won the women’s event with an almost 52.5-yard throw.

Elaine Jung of Australia won the freestyle event, where judges award “style and aesthetics.”  A Finnish team from Ostrobothnia won the team event. About 50 contestants from Australia, Finland, Russia, Ukraine and the United States took part.   Competitors are permitted to use any make and model of mobile phone, they must make two throws and the best effort is counted as their throw.  Christine Lund, who created the event in 2000, said that about 600 spectators watched the competition.

Ohio shop’s classical music seems to cut loitering
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Shoppers and employees say an Ohio convenience store has fewer people hanging around and hassling customers since the business started blaring classical music.  Customers tell WBNS-TV  that loitering has declined quickly outside the United Dairy Farmers location in the Columbus Short North neighborhood. Workers who’ve also noticed a change say the new music went on earlier this week as part of upgrades at the store.  Shopper Allie Beck says the classical music is loud — she can hear it all the way down the street. But she says it’s an improvement over all the people who used to ask for change or bother passers-by outside the store.

Man accused of trying to break in to Folsom prison
FOLSOM — Most inmates are trying to get out of prison, but authorities say they caught a California parolee trying to sneak back in.  Corrections Sgt. Tony Quinn says 48-year-old Marvin Lane Ussery was spotted late Wednesday night scaling the 7-foot tall, barbed wire-topped fence that encircles a large wooded area behind the California State Prison in Sacramento.  Quinn says Ussery served time at New Folsom for robbery before he was paroled in June 2009.

Officials are investigating whether Ussery was attempting to smuggle in drugs or cell phones, but say they haven’t found any contraband.  Ussery is being held in Sacramento County Jail on suspicion of violating his parole and being an ex-convict on prison property.

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