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Criminal minds
LoJack, The Club, and other anti-theft devices for your car. If one
botched auto theft in Kansas City, Mo., is any indication, a manual
transmission might be just as effective. Police say an adult and a
juvenile male attempted to carjack a woman at 11 p.m. on Nov. 17 at
gunpoint. After the woman made way for the thieves, the two males
attempted to drive off in her car. But the pair’s crime stalled when
neither could figure out how to work the stick shift. The two were
arrested later that night.

In for a penny
A penny not paid could land Eileen Wilbur in legal trouble. The city of South Attleboro, Mass., billed the 74-year-old Wilbur for one cent she owes on her utility bill. The letter also threatened Wilbur, who is blind, with a $48 tax lien if she doesn’t pay up. A city spokesman said the collector’s office automatically printed bills for all residents who owed money. A penny for Wilbur’s thoughts? “They wasted taxpayer money on the letter,” she said, noting the 42-cent postage on the notice.

Following his namesakes
With a name like his, it’s no surprise 20-year-old Dalcapone Alpaccino Morris has found himself on the wrong side of the law. Apparently named after the infamous Chicago mobster (Al Capone) and the actor who portrayed Tony Montana in Scarface (Al Paccino), Morris has been held in the Montgomery County, Ohio, jail since an October arrest for felony possession of cocaine in October.