Canada doesn’t need high-tech methods to stop oil spills — not when they have plenty of beavers. A spill of 28,000 barrels in a small river near Montreal was stopped thanks to a beaver dam. The dam gave workers time to contain the petroleum before it got into larger waterways.

This alligator bit off more than it could chew. A sheriff’s deputy in Alachua County, Fla., responded to calls about a gator in a back yard, and the reptile attacked — the cop’s car. It locked its jaws on the front bumper and didn’t let go until the deputy put the car in reverse. The creature was then removed by a trapper.

New San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr’s door is always open. Really. Upon taking office recently, one of Suhr’s first moves was to order that his office door remain permanently unlocked. “I want everyone, including the general public, to feel welcome,” he said.

An Illinois man became the unluckiest crook in the world after he fled cops, only to wind up running into a police convention and getting busted. The man was trying to escape Joliet officers, but as he ran, he scampered into a park where more than 30 officers were listening to a seminar on “being prepared for any situation.”

Above reports are from The New York Post.  Reprinted here for educational purposes only.