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…This morning I found a New York Times headline that really caught my attention, it simply stated: “Americans in Iraq Face Their Deadliest Day in Months.”

The sub-title to this article was: “At least nine members of the military were killed in the insurgent stronghold of Anbar Province.”  Wow I thought, what the heck is going on over there?  The terrorists have got a “stronghold” now? What happened? (Oh by the way – He says insurgents – I say terrorists)

Then I read on:

“5 of the 9 were killed in a flash flood when their truck was flipped over.”

The writer made it sound like it was the insurgents (terrorists) that killed our troops. Now I realize that these 5 Marines died in an accident.

They are still American Heroes in my eyes and should be in the eyes of every American, but what I can’t agree with is that headline that misleads the American public that they were killed by terrorists. They were killed while in the war on terror and we should treat them as Heroes just the same, but I refuse to allow some whiney news reporter in New York to invoke the image that our troops are being attacked and killed over there in record numbers….

John Ellsworth’s son Marine Lance Corporal Justin M. Ellsworth, fell on November 13, 2004 as a result of enemy action in Al Anbar Province, Iraq.  Read more about Lance Corporal Ellsworth and his family here.

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