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The U.S. Senate, acting very Senately, voted 60-39 [in November] in favor of a motion to end debate on a motion to begin debate on its version of ObamaCare. It was a party-line vote, the 60 members of the Democratic caucus providing exactly the three-fifths required under Senate rules. Several moderate Democrats, including independent Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, have said they oppose the bill in its current form; a single one of them could have killed it by withholding an affirmative vote.

Here’s how the Associated Press reported the vote:

A bruising debate on health care awaits the Senate after Thanksgiving now that the historic legislation has cleared a key hurdle over the opposition of Republicans eager to inflict a punishing defeat on President Barack Obama.

There are 40 Republicans in the Senate (Ohio’s George Voinovich was absent Saturday), and no doubt they have a combination of motives for opposing ObamaCare–including, by the way, the merits of the policy. It may well be true that some of them are “eager to inflict a punishing defeat on President Obama,” but for the AP to cite this as a summary of their motives is rather blatant editorializing.

We wondered if the AP had ever described Democrats as eager to deal President Bush a “punishing defeat” so we searched Factiva for the phrase. Nope. Over the past decade and a quarter, the wire service has described a boxing match, a yacht race, World War II, and elections in Japan, France and the U.S. Virgin Islands as having ended in a “punishing defeat.”

In all of those cases, the AP was describing a defeat after the fact, not imputing motives to one side in an active partisan dispute. So it would appear “accountability journalism” has broken new ground yet again.

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