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1.  Write out the idiom that is portrayed in this cartoon, then explain its meaning.

2.  A recent CNN poll shows that nearly 70% of Americans oppose the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero, (see believing that the mosque should not be built on/near sacred ground where so many Americans were murdered by Islamic extremists, but that the mosque should be build elsewhere.  What do you think?  Explain your answer.

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1.  To pour salt on a wound – it means:

  • to make a bad situation worse. Salt on an open would makes the wound hurt worse than it did before. (from
  • to unnecesarily cause someone more sadness or trouble when he or she is already in a difficult situation, usually for one’s personal amusement (per
  • to deliberately make someone’s unhappiness, shame, or misfortune worse (per the

2.  Opinion question. Answers vary.