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1. Editorial cartoonists often use symbols to represent a person, group or idea. What does the elephant represent in this cartoon?

2. What does the man the gorilla is holding represent?
a) the NSA
b) the U.S. military
c) Congress
d) the American people

3. What point is Glenn McCoy making in this cartoon?

4. Name the (original) movie the cartoonist is using to illustrate his point.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers.

Cartoon by Glenn McCoy


1. The elephant represents the Republican Party.

2. The man the gorilla is holding represents d) the American people.

3. The American people are held captive by debt, but President Obama is ignoring warning from Republicans in Congress that debt will destroy us.

4. ┬áThe cartoonist is using the 1933 version of King Kong starring Fay Wray. (If you’ve never seen it, we recommend checking it out – compare “special effects” from the early days of movies to today’s special effects.)