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A cartoonist often uses humor to point out the absurd or ridiculous. What do you think is the point of Nate Beeler’s cartoon? Explain your answer.

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Cartoon by Nate Beeler


College is supposed to expose students to many viewpoints. In recent years, college students have turned their backs on, shouted down or shut down any speakers who hold opposing (conservative) views. They prohibit free speech and refuse to listen to any view they don’t agree with, oftentimes calling it hate speech, saying they feel “unsafe” by opposite viewpoints.

Some of the few conservative speakers who have been invited to give a commencement address have later been “disinvited” due to vocal student opposition.

[Last week, newly appointed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was forced to end her commencement address early as some students turned their backs on her and many booed her speech.] Many colleges students are actually anti-free speech and close minded.