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Cartoonists often use exaggeration to make a point, or for humorous purposes only, as in this cartoon.  What two news items did Chip Bok exaggerate to create this cartoon?

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The cartoonist is referring to:

a)  President Obama’s talk with the media after visiting a grammar school in Virginia.  The President used teleprompters to talk to the media in a different classroom than the one he spoke to students in (he didn’t use a teleprompter when speaking to the students).  (Read an article and watch the video of the President’s meeting with the media at
b)  It is customary for the opposing political party to give a response to a President’s State of the Union address, as Gov. Bob McDonnell did after President Obama’s State of the Union Address this week.

Using exaggeration the cartoonist combines these two news stories by having a student use a teleprompter to give a response to the President’s talk at the school.