“I just wanna stay clean, work and it’s good to be out here working on the street get that good work ethic back.”
Michael Kosowan, an inmate from Middlesex County House of Corrections, who is serving a two and half year sentence for breaking into a home and is supposed to get out in June.  “I was really messed up on drugs at the time” said Kosowan.  He has completed drug rehab programs and his GED while behind bars.

Middlesex County (Mass.) is putting their prisoners to work clearing snow off roofs and digging out hydrants in a cost-saving solution for several communities.  The program is for low level offenders that are pre-screened and put through rehab.  All of the prisoners are near the end of their sentences.  The Middlesex County Sheriff says this will save the county a quarter of a million dollars this winter.

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