What Would We Do Without Experts?

Daily Best of the Web   —   Posted on December 10, 2013

The following is an excerpt from OpinionJournal.com’s “Best of the Web” written by the editor, James Taranto.

Other Than That, the Story Was Accurate 
“An earlier version of this article stated incorrectly the age of Senator Thad Cochran, as well as the number of the term he is seeking. He will be 76 on Saturday; he is not 76. And he is seeking a seventh term, not a sixth.”–New York Times, Dec. 6

image1195What Would We Do Without Experts? 
“Holiday Eating Tips: Have Fun, but Be Sensible, Says Expert”–headline, Chicago Tribune, Dec. 5

“High Peaks, Lofty Prices: Skiing Increasingly Pricing Out Middle Class”–headline, NBCNews.com, Dec. 7

Questions Nobody Is Asking 
“No actor knew Armageddon like Charlton Heston. From the nocturnal zombies of ‘Omega Man’ to the nutritional nightmare of ‘Soylent Green’ to the post-apocalypse world in ‘Planet of the Apes,’ Heston saw it all. So it was natural to wonder how he would have reacted as Harry Reid detonated the ‘nuclear option’ on the Senate floor last month and laid waste to the filibuster.”–John Sununu (the former senator), Boston Globe, Dec. 9

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